How to Activate Brotli on WordOps Nginx

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WordOps is a reliable LEMP stack installer. It comes with essentials software pack to host websites on Ubuntu, Debian, or Raspbian. This short tutorial shows you how to activate Brotli compression on Nginx installed by WordOps.

Haven’t try it yet? Read and follow our previous article on how to install WordOps.

We are amazed by how lightweight and powerful our Nginx setup.

We set a cloud instance on Vultr with 512MB RAM and 1 CPU core.

Our benchmark test proved it perform better than VestaCP did on UpCloud 1GB RAM instance.

It sports Nginx PHP-fpm, MariaDB, HTTP2, and WordPress CLI with various caching mechanism.

We really love it.

However, we just surprised by the fact that it delivers Gzip compression by default.

According to its Github page, it should also feature Brotli.

How to install Brotli and how to enable it?

We dig a little bit further to WordOps structure. We found out that Brotli setting is there disabled.

It means you don’t need to install Brotli on the current Nginx configuration.

First, open up WinSCP and connect to your server.

Go to /etc/nginx/conf.d/

Next, rename brotli.conf.disabled to brotli.conf

Finally, login to your server through SSH window (Putty or Terminal) then reload Nginx service:

nginx -t
service nginx reload

That’s it and Brotli compression is now active. You don’t need to edit anything.

It’s time to give it a run.


Enter your site URL and do the test. You shall see something like this:

You can also inspect its header response records using curl command or using this tool:

Notice that content encoding section now displaying br that stands for Brotli.

Performance Test

This page load speed test was done using gzip encoding:

Now this one is after Brotli activated:

It’s faster now.

Faster Way to Activate Brotli

You can also execute this command in Putty or Terminal:

First, log in to your server through ssh.

Issue these lines of command:

mv /etc/nginx/conf.d/brotli.conf.disabled /etc/nginx/conf.d/brotli.conf
nginx -t
service nginx reload


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