How to Add Free SSL on VestaCP

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Previously, we have learned the way to install VestaCP on either Ubuntu or CentOS server. We also told you what to do right after installing VestaCP. This time we show you the steps needed to add Free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt to your website hosted on a VestaCP server.

It was arduous to add Let’s Encrypt certificate on VestaCP at its earlier adoption. Luckily, VestaCP team has managed to include the feature as an easy-to-use option within the hosting control panel.

Follow the steps below to activate free SSL to your website hosted on a VestaCP server.

Step 1 – Open up your favourite web browser and log in to your VestaCP dashboard page.

# you can use either:
# change with the actual IP address of yours
# or use the hostname:

Step 2 – Click [Web] at the top menu, then click the [Edit] button next after the name of your website.

Step 3 – Scroll down the page a little bit then tick on the “SSL Support” and the “Lets Encrypt Support” options.

Step 4 – Finally, click that [Save] button.

Step 5 – Verify if the SSL has been enabled on your website. There are three methods of this.

First, go back to the [Web] menu and you’ll see the SSL Support is there.

Second, access your website on the browser by adding https:// and you’ll see the Lock icon in the address bar.

You will see the “Valid” text displayed in the Certificate option. Click on it to reveal more details:

Third, you can go to the SSL Labs Checker site and do the test there by typing your website address.

Once you clicked the Submit button, the SSL test result will be delivered in a couple of minutes.

Congratulation! You have successfully activated Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate for your website hosted on a VestaCP server.

Super easy isn’t it?

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