Install Free SSL on CloudPanel In 5 Minutes

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Well, actually we can do it under 5 minutes. It’s just so easy to install Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt on a CloudPanel server.

CloudPanel is a free server control panel with a full LEMP stack. That means you’ll get Nginx, PHP-fpm, and MySQL database on a Linux server.

Having LEMP stack easily installed and a nice good looking UI is the only thing you want to host websites on your Linux server. Thanks to CloudPanel for that.

We have a couple of tutorials about it already. Now it’s time for another one: installing free SSL.

As you have already expected from CloudPanel, the process is super duper easy.

Let’s start!


  1. Deploy a server running Debian 10
  2. Install CloudPanel on it.
  3. Do some basic setup and add your domain.
  4. Point the domain to your server.
  5. Optionally, install WordPress or transfer your existing site.

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL

First, log in to the CloudPanel dashboard.

Second, navigate to Domains.

Then click the link of your domain name you wish to install the SSL on.

Next, click the SSL Certificates tab.

Click the Actions button then choose New Let’s Encrypt Certificate.

Now click Create and Install button.

Wait a few seconds and voila! The new SSL certificate has been installed successfully.

What’s next to do?

You must set up your website to use and to redirect to https:// protocol.

Depending on the script you use, this could vary.

WordPress users can activate SSL easily using this trick.

Activate SSL on WordPress

This article is for sites built with WordPress. You can skip it if your’s is not.

First, log in to WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add New.

Second, search for SSL in the keyword field.

Third, choose Really Simple SSL by clicking the Install Now button.

Next, activate the plugin.

Finally, click the button saying Go Ahead, Activate SSL!

Super easy isn’t it? Write a comment below if you have things to ask.

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