How to Set up Valid SSL for WordOps Dashboard

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This tutorial will guide you on how to install Let’s Encrypt free SSL for WordOps dashboard on port 22222.

WordOps is an easy-to-use and versatile LEMP stack combined with WP-CLI.

This piece of script allows you to install Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP 7.x on servers running Ubuntu, Debian, or Raspbian.

It’s super easy to install WordOps and get it ready to host your websites.

Once installed, there is a post-install step you need to do to secure your WordOps backend panel.

Without Valid SSL

Once installed, you can access WordOps dashboard at https://x.x.x.x:22222 or https://host.domain.tld:22222 in which x.x.x.x is server IP address.

However, you’ll get following warning notice during your first time opening the page:

This error happens because you don’t have a valid SSL certificate installed for that page.

Hence, you can still access it through https protocol but the connection is not actually private.

Install Free SSL for WordOps Dashboard

The solution is very easy. It should be easy since that what WordOps is made for.

We can get free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

First, make sure you have a valid hostname and valid DNS record pointing to that hostname.

This previous guide will come in handy in helping you use and set up DNS on Cloudflare.

Second, log in to your WordOps server using Putty (Windows) or Terminal (Linux) as root or as a user with sudo privilege.

Third, create a new site for your hostname with Let’s Encrypt flag used.

wo site create host.domain.tld -le


wo site create -le

Do not forget to add sudo if you logged in as non-root user:

sudo wo site create host.domain.tld -le

The process shall finish in seconds.

That’s it. Now you can access WordOps dashboard without having to see a warning page on your browser.

Thanks to the valid SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt.

valid ssl for wordops dashboard


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