Linode $100 Free Credit Coupon Code

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Looking for a working promo code to get a discounted price on Linode? Check out what we’ve got below.

As one of the big cloud server companies in the world, Linode offers various kind of services from small cloud servers to a massive one for advanced computing tasks.

As far as I can recall, Linode has been available earlier than Digital Ocean. However, the absence of support to PayPal as default payment option and (probably) the lack of running promotions are the biggest drawback of Linode.

Thankfully, in the vast competition era in the cloud server industry pushes the company to come with some clever marketing strategies.

Enter the biggest promo event of Linode!

The company is currently running a free $100 in-account credits for new users.

Convert to Linode and take advantage of this promo.

Never used a cloud server before? No matter! Have your first experience with Linode with this free $100 credits.

Coupon Code:


Use the above coupon to claim your free $100 credits valid for 2 months or 60 days from the day you claimed it.

Alternatively, you can grab it from the following URL (the official landing page):

Unlike any similar promos run by its competitor(s), you don’t need to deposit/add money to your account to claim this promo.

Your card will be charged $1 tho, but this will be cancelled and basically you’ll pay nothing.

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Enter this code in the Referral Code field:


You can use the credits for any services available including Standard Linodes, High Memory clouds, Dedicated CPU clouds, and Linodes with GPU.

Uh, almost forget. They also offer Block Storage and Object Storage.

DDOS Protection service is offered for free so that you don’t need to spend a penny.

Other Valid Promo

You can also use this promo code to enjoy a free $10 in-account credits:

Use promo code DOCS10

Unlike the earlier code, DOCS10 may give you a smaller amount of credits. However, it does not expire in 60 days.

Which one should you try? That’s up to you.

Visit Linode now!

Linode homepage:

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